So Wrong It's Good

20 year old Lake has only ever been with one guy, but her ex-military step brother, Reese, makes her feels things she's never felt before.

Reese's recent marriage was over before it even began. But going through a divorce opens his eyes to Lake and the feelings she stirs within him. Will they be able to make the relationship work, or will age difference, and Lake's dad and step-mom stand in their way?

I am a longtime lover of Jenika's work. Her books are almost always automatic buys for me so when I saw this new book up for review I just had to get it. The book isn't that long so it was a relatively quick read. The characters were great, I could totally sympathize with both and could connect with Lake on a personal level. The plot was well written but I will say that the idea of the step-brother/step-sister romance has been really overdone lately. I don't think that Jenika really brought anything new to the sub-genre that has become the step-sibling romance. I will say though that it was well written and the characters were believable and well thought out. Jenika does a really good job at writing emotions and getting those through to the reader. I love books that have an older man/younger woman aspect so this was right up my alley and the difference was well written into the plot and added a great amount of kink to the story. Another great thing about Jenika is her ability to write sex scenes! Talk about steamy!

Overall I think that this is a great, quick read for a lazy afternoon that will leave you flushed and wanting to find your own military man!

Book Blurb for So Wrong It's Good

At twenty years old Lake Heart has only been with one guy. She’s inexperienced in all things male related, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting Reese. He’s ex-military, powerful, and he makes her feel wholly feminine.

Reese Jordan’s marriage was broken from the very beginning, but for the last two years he tried to make it work. When he signs the divorce papers he doesn’t expect to feel this intense arousal for Lake, and she is over a decade younger than he is.

When one night of drunkenness leads to Lake and Reese sleeping together, the repercussions could ruin everything. But Reese wants Lake, no matter who thinks it’s wrong.

Be Warned: rimming

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50