Secret Passions

Forbidden Passions, Book 5

Sara Beth has been having a hard couple of weeks. Someone leaked that she was a shifter and now a reporter is writing stories calling her a werewolf. The only problem, she’s actually a werefox and she want the attention that comes with these articles. Even worse, it brings her to the attention of some not so favorable people and now one of them is hunting her. Queue to the rescue were-eagle Patrick, her tormentor from childhood. Only, he’s grown up and has notice that Sara Beth has grown up quite nicely too. Can the two get along while looking for the hunter? Will Sara Beth be able to withstand Patrick’s seduction or will her secret passion over take her?

First I’d like to say that it is highly recommended that you read the first four in the series. Though it’s not really required to understand the plot line I think that reading the first four will give you a better understanding of the world and the back stories of a couple of characters within this book. That being said I did like this story, but I will say it is not my all-time favorite within the series. Though I normally love the way Loribelle Hunt writes, I have read several of her books including the first four in the series, I was not overwhelmed with happiness while reading this. I think the plot line was fine and the descriptions of the characters were great, but I will say I wanted more of their back story. It is said that they knew each other when they were kids and that Patrick called her “foxy” when she was younger but I wanted a little more of that backdrop. Not only that but Sara Beth has trust issues and some insecurities but it is never really said as to how she got these trust issues or insecurities. There seems to be no explanation as to why she doesn’t exactly trust Patrick and this part of the plot line is never really flushed out. The sex scenes were steamy as usual and I think the flow was not bad, it wasn’t too fast though it definitely wasn’t a slow read. The ending eluded to the next book and was left with a little of a cliffhanger for the series, though this book does have the happy ending for the couple but there are questions that are not answered and perhaps that is the thing about the book that leaves me a little irked. I can understand why it is needed, obviously these questions will be examined and answered in later books. At least I hope they will. But the questions where very much related to the plot and so to leave them open left me a little disappointed with the ending. Overall I would say that it was a good read and an okay addition to the series but not my favorite within it. I would recommend this for people who like the series but I do suggest reading the first four beforehand.

Book Blurb for Secret Passions

How do you claim the heart of a fox? Tempt her into giving it up.

Though Sara Beth Reynard shuns the spotlight, her sensual animal nature always draws unwanted attention. On the rare occasions she leaves fox territory to supervise a construction project, humans are her number one hassle.

When the discovery of human/animal DNA makes her a sleazy tabloid’s lead story, Sara finds the whole thing laughable. Right up until some goon attempts to kidnap her. Worse, her alpha sends her to the wereeagles, clan of her childhood nemesis, for help.

Patrick Aquila takes one look at the grown-up version of “Foxy”, and wants to peel away all her layers of uptight and proper. His attempt to show her a night of lighthearted fun turns into an off-the-charts explosion of passion. But romance among weres is never that simple.

Patrick is in a race against time to convince Sara Beth they belong together, and find the snitch who is feeding information to not just one stalker, but two. The reporter who wants to hang her out to dry, and a hunter who wants to hand her over to her worst nightmare.

Warning: A reluctant fox, a sexy alpha eagle willing to pull every erotic trick in the book to keep her, and an obsessed big game hunter.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 3.50