Sating the Lust God


The Great Chand, god of Lust and ruler of Fertility and Death comes to earth once a year for a hedonistic week of sex with a chosen woman. He possesses Kabir each year to have this freedom but this year is different. Chand is scared that there is one woman who can accept him and Kabir is tired of not being able to be himself. Then come Tamanna, who is stealing Chand’s heart, along with Kabir. Will Chand’s loyal vampire priests keep Chand imprisoned inside Kabir or will Chand, Kabir and Tamanna find a way to be happy and free Chand?


I’m a huge fan of Kate Hill and this book was just another in the “awesome Kate Hill books” list. Like many Changeling Press books I found myself wanting more of the story but did not find it lacking really.

The build up to the end is nice and consistent. You get the background of the characters dispersed nicely throughout instead of it all being in one big chunk at the beginning. I like the fact that you really see and understand the struggle that he is going through.

Hill does a great job at showing each characters flaws as well as their wants in life. The relationship between Kabir and Chand is nicely flushed out and the tension between them is well written. I think that one of the things that reader might not like is the quickness of the relationship between the three main characters. Since this is a relatively short story there isn’t a lot of time to build up the relationship but I think that Hill does a good job at making it work and making it believable.

The climax of the story was great and the epilogue was a nice way of showing how life is like now between Chand, Kabir, and Tamanna.

Overall, I would recommend this to readers who like a bit of spice to their books.

Book Blurb for Sating the Lust God

Eternal life -- and eternal torture. Forever young, forever strong, forever bound to their temple -- a cult of vampire priests, sustained by the blood of their god.

The Great Chand, God of Lust, Ruler of Fertility and Death. Punished by his fellow gods for his insatiable appetite for sex, sentenced to eternity in the Netherworld, separated from all he once cherished. Each year the priests summon the Lust God, who takes over Kabir's body. Chand's promise, eternal life in exchange for a week of freedom. For a hundred years Chand has kept his promise. A taste of his blood each year keeps the priests alive and almost godlike themselves, but at a terrible price.

For a hundred years Kabir has withstood the ritual, hosting the god's terrible lusts, suffered through ecstasy and horror such as no man should endure. There is but one way to break the curse. A mortal woman must fall in love with both Chand and Kabir. After more than a century, Kabir believes he has finally found such a woman. Tamanna fears neither man. But does she have the strength and compassion to love and accept two such opposite mates?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00