Purple Prose

What happens when a writer hits writers block and feels as if her muse has left her? Why, a muse shows up at her door. Enter Zahn, muse extraordinaire; he’s purple. Drop dead gorgeous, but purple due to his overuse of purple prose. Add to this a jealous, vindictive goddess ex-girlfriend and a talking parrot and you have Lindsey’s current life. Can she get her book done in time to meet her deadline and save Zahn from a lifetime of purple-ness?

Personal Thoughts:

I have to say that I absolutely love this book. It has humor, action, jealousy, and a super sexy purple man, so basically it has everything. The opening of the book really grabbed my attention and gave a great description and background for both the main characters, writer Lindsey and sexy muse Zahn. The pacing of the book was pretty smooth although near the end the action really amps up and goes a little quickly. Things really speed up and then quickly slows down and it is a bit of “what just happened” moment. But other than that I feel that the writing was smooth and consistent.

The plot for me was really relatable, although I have never had a sexy purple man show up at my door (hint, hint universe!). But I think that everyone can understand the frustration of writers block and the feeling of losing or finding a muse. The dialogue within the book flowed quite nicely and the conflict between all of the characters really drove the plot line leading to a very satisfying conclusion. Sam Cheever’s writing is great and kept this reader’s attention until the very end. I highly recommend this book to romance lovers who aren’t afraid of a little humor and some bad (or good) purple prose.

Book Blurb for Purple Prose

Forget being creatively blocked. Forget being purple. They just want to survive writing the dang book!

When she hits the writer's block of all writer's blocks, Lindsey Prince thinks her muse has abandoned her. But she opens her door one day to find a gorgeous new one standing there, "anxious" to help her finish her current project. There's only one problem... her new muse, Zahn, has been turned purple by Calliope, Chief of the Muses, for indulging in Purple Prose. Unfortunately, his fate rests on Lindsey submitting a purple prose free manuscript to her editor. No pressure there.

To make matters worse, Zahn apparently has a powerful and cranky ex-girlfriend who isn't all that thrilled by the growing attraction between Lindsey and Zahn. She'll do anything to stop Lindsey from submitting that manuscript. Anything. Based on the extremely heated "research" she and Zahn have been indulging in, Lindsey knows her sexy IR story will sizzle. She only needs to live through the process of writing it.

No easy task, that.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50