Terran Times Second Wave, #26

The Story:

Lilia has liked working for the Zel family but when they are summoned to participate in an ancient ritual, she must step in, for the only clan member who is eligible winds up pregnant right before. Lilia steps up to the challenge though and runs and hides for three days in order to retain the rights over thousands of acres of land. Can she beat the Almoss family, who has tried everything, even cheating, to get that land? What will happen when she comes face to face with Xeric, the champion of the Almoss family?


Once again Ms. Grace takes us to another world and introduces us to another group of people beautifully. You can easily step into this book without having read any of her other Sci-Fi books (though I do recommend all of them!). She paints a beautiful alien world were a human (or Terran) finds her way from Earth to this new, exciting world.

The description of the world around Lilia is really great, especially because there is a large section that is in the forest where Lilia must run away and hide from Xeric. The amount of detail put into this alien world is amazing, especially when you consider how many books and alien worlds Ms. Grace must come up with.

The characters are really great as well. You can’t help but love Lilia, and Xeric is really charming. Plus you have the quintessential villain in Xeric’s brother. The love story between Lilia and Xeric is a little rushed, but this is a short at only 73 pages (in pdf format) so you can’t expect things to go slowly. Plus, this is to be expected in her books. Many (if not all) are shorter reads and so they have a shorter timeline, but that doesn’t mean that they are forced. Just because it happens quickly doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense or seem unauthentic.

The conflict between the two families is really well done and leads to a successful and fulfilling ending. Overall, this book was a really well done and a lovely quick read. You fall in love with the characters and with Ms. Grace’s writing. I highly recommend this to Ms. Grace’s longtime readers and to anyone who is a lover of Sci-Fi romance. If this doesn’t get you hooked on her series, I don’t know what will.

Book Blurb for Oblige

Lilia has been working for the Zel family for half a year, and she has enjoyed being the administrator of the design clan. When the clan is called upon to participate in an ancient ritual and the only clan member who is eligible is pregnant, Lilia has to step into the breach to run and hide for three days in order to retain the rights over thousands of acres of land.

The Almoss family has tried everything to get the Zels out of the competition, but finally, it comes down to calling up their eldest son from duty as a forest ranger half a world away and offering him a place with them once again.

When Lilia and Xeric collide, they are each looking out for their own interests, but when he offers her an option, she might be willing to oblige.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.00