Little Sophie and the Professor

a BDSM ageplay romance


Sophie is a college student that looks much younger than her 24 years. She catches the eye of her one professor, Jack Drummond and together they explore a unique relationship. Jack enjoys dominating but he also enjoys age play and Sophie is the perfect girl for both. Intelligent but innocent, Sophie has been able to hold onto her childlike wonder of the world and that just makes Jack love her even more. Watch as Jack and Sophie explore a relationship of Daddy and little girl, dominant and submissive, professor and student. Will they be able to cement their relationship and find the balance between all the different sides of their relationship?


I love age play books, it is a guilty pleasure. But, if you haven’t ever stepped into the world of age play I think that this is a great beginning book. The relationship between Jack and Sophie is much less extreme then other age play books and so it is the perfect book to really dip your foot into the genre.

The quickness of the relationship between Sophie and Jack is a little unbelievable but I think that the author did a great way of smoothing that out and taking it a little slow. Carpenter does a good job at giving a background of how they know each other (professor and student) and so the suddenness of their relationship is not that much of a problem.

I enjoyed the play between Jack and Sophie and really liked the way that Carpenter wrote the Daddy/little girl relationship. She also does a good job at writing the discipline scenes as well as the sex scenes. There is a definite sweet emotion between the characters and the reader can pick up on that.

Overall I really liked this story and look forward to reading more of Carpenter’s books. This is a great book for beginning readers of the age play genre as well as for those who have read a lot of age play books. I highly recommend this book to lovers of romance.

Book Blurb for Little Sophie and the Professor

Sophie is a cute and clever 24 year-old woman taking a postgraduate course taught by the handsome Professor Jack Drummond. Most of the female students have the hots for the charismatic professor, but it is Sophie who he hungers for, and at the end of term, he seizes the opportunity to ask her out. Sophie learns that Jack is not only an undeniably sexy Alpha male, but deliciously kinky too.

As their relationship progresses, she discovers the nature of her submission, and experiences the thrill of erotic spankings and role-play scenarios with Jack. Although he is considerably older than her, the disparity in their ages only serves to reinforce the exciting dynamic that exists between them.

At times he treats her like a little girl, buying her pretty clothes and indulging her. But sometimes little girls are very naughty and have to face the consequences... Sophie grows to love this ageplay aspect of their relationship, along with bubble baths, bedtime stories, play times, cute clothes and drop-seat pyjamas.

She is thrilled with her new 'Daddy,' and when he asks her to accompany him for a 2-week stay at Kilchurny castle in Scotland, she jumps at the chance. But is there a long term future for this unlikely couple, the diminutive younger woman and the older man?

Publisher's Note: Little Sophie and the Professor includes ageplay, anal play, sexual scenes, spankings and BDSM themes. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.50