Jacie and The Alien Bodyguard

Intergalactic Brides 6

Quick Synopsis:

When Jacki ends up pregnant from a quick romance with Myro, she immediately gets on the ship to be taken to his home world. What she doesn’t know is that Myro is not going to be there when she lands. He’s already taken another bride and found out that he has a kid. So Jacki is paired with bodyguard Barimere. He is to see that she is safe while she looks for another man to marry her. What happens though when Jacki and Barimere start having feelings for each other? Will they end up happily ever after?


Another good story from Smith, although I will say this wasn’t one of my all-time favorites. Starting off with the bad; I found the struggle between Jacki and Barimere really frustrating. Maybe I’m just so used to the quick, cute romance, but they struggled with loving each other a little too much for my liking. While they do end up together, the middle was filled with the tension of will they, won’t they, that I didn’t much like.

But, having said that I did find Barimere charming at moments. The fact that you find out he could never have found a bride (since of special circumstances that you’ll find out in the book) you have to feel for him and the situation that is put in. The sexual tension between the two was there and well written. I think one of the only other problems I had with this was that I didn’t like Jacki too much. She was an okay heroine, and was strong when she needed to be, but I found myself underwhelmed with her. I can’t put my finger on it really but she didn’t stand out within the series.

I suggest this book for those who have read the other stories and want to keep going with it. If this is the first Jessica Coulter Smith story that you are going to read, I highly suggest putting it down and exploring her other books before coming back to this one. I’m not saying don’t read it, because it’s not a terrible read. But just consider a different book as your introduction to Ms. Smith’s works.

Book Blurb for Jacie and The Alien Bodyguard

Stupid. Careless. Jacie has called herself ten times a fool for falling for Myro's charms. Now she's pregnant and alone, and she's been sent to a world unlike her own.

When Barimere, a tall, sexy hunk of alien male, meets her at the shuttle station on his world, Jacie feels the stirrings of desire -- even though that's what got her into this mess in the first place. But there's something about Barimere that's different, and she doesn't mean the scars on his face.

Barimere agrees to guard Jacie from unwanted attention and possible abduction. But one look at her and her demented fur ball pet, and he wonders if he's insane to accept the mission. He knows a woman like her would never look twice at a scarred male like him, but that doesn't stop his body from instantly reacting to her beauty and charm.

A pregnancy that is more than what it seems, and a woman determined to find love on an alien world is more adventure than the taciturn warrior has bargained for. Barimere is all for Jacie finding a mate and getting herself out from under his nose. Except for some odd reason he'd like to tear apart any male who looks her way, and beat the living hell out of anyone who tries to hurt her.

An alien warrior intent on fighting his attraction. A human female determined to bring him to his knees. What could possibly go wrong?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 3.50