Holly's Healing


After a terrible accident takes away everything Holly worked hard for (a good paying job, great friends, a new car and a house) Holly is left with scars that aren’t just physical. Alone during the holiday season, she is pushed to her limit as two young boys refuse to leave her alone, and keep harassing her. Then, there are adopted brothers Wade and Dean. Dean has his own emotional battles and is unable to be intimate with a woman, no matter how many Wade throws at him. These three lonely people meet one cold night and come together to, hopefully, heal all their wounds. But what happens when the two young boys go one step too far? Will Wade and Dean be able to save Holly? Will Holly be able to save Wade and Dean?


The first thing that drew me to this book was the fact that it was an interracial ménage, something that I enjoy reading and don’t come across too often. The story, though short, was actually quite good. The emotional relationship that is built in such a short amount of time is well-written and well-fleshed-out to the end. I was not left thinking that there needed to be more in order for it to be a complete story. The story flowed cleanly from beginning to end without any pauses or missed information. The rise of the action was fluent and flowed well with the storyline. I think the only thing I would have liked more of was the three main characters. While the story is complete, I would love to read more about Holly, Wade, and Dean. Perhaps another thing that many readers would not like is the quickness with which their relationship escalates. It is a quicker read and so their relationship is a quickly established one but I think that the author wrote the story well and was able to do justice to their lives, so I was not bothered by it. Overall I would recommend this book to those who like a good emotional story as well as some hot loving!

Book Blurb for Holly's Healing

Twenty-three year old Holly Reece had it all. A great job, a new car and house, and fantastic friends. All of that ended in a night she just can’t forget. Left bearing the scars from someone else’s stupidity, Holly is all alone in a world that would just rather forget she even exists.

Wade has watched his adopted brother, Dean, battle his own demons for years. Nothing he has done has helped Dean get over his inability to be intimate with a woman.

When they stumble upon a young disabled woman being attacked, Wade thinks he might just have found Dean’s cure, and a woman who can love them both. Now the only question he has is…how does he stop Dean from running scared long enough to try?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50