Her One and Only Dom

For graduation Simone got three things: her degree, her virginity still intact, and a big case of unrequited love towards her professor, Patrick. When the two meet at a BDSM club several months later, she's no longer the student and what follows is a hot night of sex. But will this be a one off or will Simone be everything Patrick wants her to be.

Personal Thoughts: I'm a sucker for a virgin romance novel. Throw in the element of BDSM and I'm sold. But I was slightly disappointed with the way this short novel went. I felt like this type of story needed a better beginning to really build up the development of the relationship with Simone and Patrick. Also I had some problems with some of the scenes. Control is everything within the BDSM and that was not shown fully throughout the story. The relationship felt just a little stiff and there needed to be more written so that the story could be fully thought out.

That aside I will say that I enjoyed this story. The sex scenes were very hot and had me fanning myself. I would recommend this to anyone who likes short, quick sexy reads.

Book Blurb for Her One and Only Dom

Simone graduated from university with three important things: her degree, her virginity still intact, and a case of unrequited love to make life complete. Her professor, Patrick Smythe is everything she wants in a man.

After building up the courage to ask him out at the graduation ball, she is mortified when he rejects her. Six months later, her best friend drags her along to a BDSM club and Simone realizes why the sexy professor gave her the brush off. He’s a Dom at the club.

Patrick has never found a woman who can fulfill all of his needs in and out of the bedroom. Simone wants to be this woman, but can she succeed when they come from such different worlds?

Be Warned: BDSM, public exhibition, sex toys, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 3.50