Goldie Locks and the Three Brothers Bear

The Amare Tales Book 2

About the Story:

When Goldie walks into her room to find a man sleeping in her bed, she calls the cops, and makes the news. Queue in Hayden, a news reporter of the highest esteem (sort of!), he is off to be the first one to report on Ms. Goldie Locks’ home invasion. Only, this invasion turns out to be a family affair, as its Hayden’s brother that has slept in Goldie’s bed. As Goldie meets all three Bear brother’s she finds out that the youngest is attractive but too aggressive, the oldest is charming but too passive. But Hayden, perhaps he’s just the right amount of sexy Bear!


While this book is not advertised as a ménage, and the synopsis doesn’t say anything about a ménage, I went into this expecting a ménage book. Perhaps I’ve become used to the idea of erotic romance retelling's of Goldie Locks and the three Bears as being a ménage story, but every other retelling I’ve read, the three bears and Goldie get together perfectly. Needless to say, my expectations were stabbed and thrown out the window when I realized that Goldie only really wanted one brother bear, and that was Hayden. So, just so you know, no ménages. But there is bondage and kink which was a definite pus!

Getting past the whole three bears thing, this book was really cute and insanely funny. The amount of fairytale puns contained in this short book was terribly awesome and cracked me up every time! I have not read the first book in the series (it’s on my to-do list) but you don’t really need to read them as a series. I had no problem following the story and it didn’t feel like I was missing any information.

The three brothers were written so differently that it was a little too much. To differentiate the brother bears I think that the author could have toned down the fact that they were all so drastically different. Another thing that I wasn’t particularly fond of was the point of view switch. I have no problem with changing who is speaking at any given time, but a little warning would have been nice. My one major criticism of this book is that you have no idea who is speaking. In the beginning, you are left in the dark until it’s mentioned who it is. SO the reader is left wondering who this person is, what their name is, and what role do they play in the entire plot. Without something to let the reader know that the voice is changing, they are left in the dark as to who is speaking until there is some clue within the writing. After a while you catch on to the changes but in the beginning it’s very disorienting.

Other than that though, I really loved the humor in this book and would definitely continue reading the series to see what happens to the smaller characters mentioned in this book!

Book Blurb for Goldie Locks and the Three Brothers Bear

In the merry village of Amare, love isn’t just the town’s namesake it’s a way of life.

When Goldie Locks unexpectedly meets the three brothers Bear, she's in for the ride of her life. She soon discovers that oldest brother, Dylan, is charming, but too passive. Youngest brother, Camden, is attractive, but much too aggressive. But the middle brother, Hayden, with his brooding eyes and delicious body—well he’s just right.

Be Warned: bondage

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 3.50