Emperor's Desire


Wanting to help provide for her mother and six siblings, Vida decides to interview for the role of Mother Heir for Emperor Zavier, an Aspectian shapeshifter. Unbeknownst to Vida, Zavier has seen her dance in her village and has lusted after her from afar. Taking her on as Mother Heir is his wish come true. Brought to the Black Palace Vida is brought into Zavier’s world of shifter and royal politics all while drowning in Zavier’s lust. When given a chance to be more than just a child bearer Vida ends up being the recipient of two women’s evil schemes. Will Vida escape their wrath? Will Zavier and Vida live happily ever after?


I picked this book because I am a giant fan of Kate Hill. Her writing transports the reader into a different world. I found that the same was true for this book. Though short (around 66 pages) I found myself satisfied with the information given. Though there wasn’t a lot of background given for the characters or the world there was enough so that the reader was not confused or lost within the world. The characters were well written; I loved Vida’s ability to adjust and Zavier’s compassion and passion.

The sex scenes were hot and the connection between the two characters was clear. I think that the one thing that bothered me the most about this book was the length of it. While well written and technically complete, I really wished for more within the story. There was more room to develop the characters and their relationship and even to more fully develop the world that she created. The only thing that helped with that was the sense that this is going to be a series. I can only hope that there is more written within the series and that there is more of Vida and Zavier. I really did love the characters and the world.

I recommend this book to readers who love paranormal and sci-fi romances, as well as lovers of Kate Hill.

Book Blurb for Emperor's Desire

"Dance for me."

Emperor Zavier, an Aspectian shapeshifter, knows the dancer Vida is the only woman he'll ever desire. From the shadows he's watched her dance, wanting her for himself. But all his power cannot command a heart. How can he expect a human woman to return his love?

When Vida joins the supplicants vying for the role of Heir Mother to his future sons, Zavier lays his heart on the line. He knows he wants far more from her than he's bargained for -- he wants nothing less than for Vida to be his mate for life.

Vida may be only a village dancer, but she knows there's more to royal politics than Zavier wishes to see. She dares to want more than just to be the bearer of his children. But can their frail bond survive Zavier's meddling mother and the arranged marriage his family has waiting for him?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00