Devil May Care

The Grizzly MC Book 12


Jakob is drowning in a sea of loneliness and darkness and the only way to feel is through underground fights. Saya is instantly drawn to him after seeing him fight with bare knuckles. He’s always angry with the world but she just can’t help be attracted to him. As they come together Jakob starts to feel again, he has a new purpose to his life, loving and protecting her. Saya is turned on by his possessive, dark side, but doesn’t know if this can last. Now Jakob must show her that this is where she belongs, in his arms, forever.


I am a huge fan of Jenika’s. I follow her on almost all the social media sites, a get her emails, and I’m a big lover of her books. I have read almost everything that she’s written, including the whole Grizzly MC series as well as the New MC generation series (which I highly recommend doing before starting on this book, the 12th in the series). These last few books in the series though I feel do not hold up against the originals. I feel like Jenika has lost the spark of the series, and now is just kind of dragging the series along because fans want it. The newer generation is all about drugs, and partying. There is nothing wrong with this, as this is an MC book and part of the lifestyle, but the earlier books had more to them than that. They worked hard and partied harder. In Jakob’s book the feel of the MC, I felt, is wrong.

His characterization was not as great as the others. Perhaps I shouldn’t compare his book to the earlier ones but I can’t help but feel like, when put up against the earlier books, Jakob just isn’t as great. He drunk or stoned, a lot, and I just couldn’t fall in love with him like the other Grizzly’s, which is a shame.

The romance aspect wasn’t terrible. There were definitely “aww” moments but steamy parts could have been hotter. Overall, I was a little underwhelmed with this book. I still love the series, and will read the ones after Jakob, but I probably won’t buy them right off the bat like her other ones. I do recommend this book though, especially if you’ve read the whole series. It isn’t the greatest book in the series, but if you love her MC’s then I feel like it’s worth it. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with Jakob much like Saya did.

Book Blurb for Devil May Care

Jakob, a bear shifter and member of the Grizzly MC, is at a point where his life has no meaning. The darkness and loneliness slowly consume every part of him. In order to find that spark again, he became reckless, acting out and being even more dangerous than ever before.

Saya is instantly drawn to the bear shifter she sees fighting bare-knuckled and dirty. He’s handsome in a brutal way, but also seems angry at the world. But the attraction between them is undeniable.

She sees the aggressive, possessive side of Jakob, the side that will take down anyone that tries to hurt her. He’s deadly and menacing, and is power all wrapped in one dangerous grizzly shifter.

When Jakob is with Saya he feels there is meaning to his life. Looking at her, being with her, gives him that high he desires. He can’t let her walk away, no matter what. Making her see that she is meant for him, that she is his in all ways, is Jakob’s main goal now. He won’t fail at it.

Be Warned: anal sex, rimming, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 3.00