Street Boners

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Street Boners

1,764 Hipster Fashion Jokes

This is the third fashion book from Gavin McInnes. As the self-proclaimed creative force behind the Hipster movement, McInnes wrote the first Dos & DON’Ts back in 1994. Never imagining for a minute that a person could actually make money mocking how other people dressed, the lucky co-founder of “Vice” magazine, realized he had struck pay dirt!

 “Basically, attraction is built on recognizing our differences. Women want men to be masculine, and men want women to be feminine,” writes McInnes. “That’s why flip-flops are such a crime.”

There are plenty of “crimes” pictured in this book that features page after page of color photos of people decked out in sartorial glory (well, maybe “glory” isn’t the right word!).

Along with the photos you’ll find a “catty” rating system (ten kitties “good” and one pussy picture cat litter!). Another endearing feature of this book is the author’s inclusion of short one and two sentence critiques of each photo. 

The comments range from “Oh my God, that is SO four hundred years ago.”  And “If a fat, white guy tried to pull this off, his friends would have to hold an intervention.”  To  “The shoes make the man but, man, oh man, do the woman’s shoes ever make the man want to make out with the woman.”

Sprinkled throughout the photo collection are narrative tidbits like “A Brief  History of Cool”, “The Rules: What to DO and What to DON’T do” and one page assessments of the street fashion scenes in Montreal, New York, London, and Los Angeles.

To avoid ever being pictured in a book like this carefully study ”Street Boners” and then dress accordingly.

Book Blurb for Street Boners

Fifteen years after founding Vice, Gavin McInnes has poured his creative juices into a new endeavor: Growing in size and influence at an alarming rate, the site's main feature is the new and improved version of Gavin's "DOs and DON'Ts," now tantalizingly called Street Boners.

These Boners have been polished and compounded into a book that takes the best of the site and adds hundreds more gems! With 1,312 photos, hilarious captions, and a harsh new rating system-from one to 10 kitten faces-STREET BONERS makes sure no glorious fashion statement goes unnoticed. Innocent citizens are either damned to hell or relentlessly exalted into heaven. Chloe Sevigny, Debbie Harry, Fred Armisen, and Tim & Eric also contribute their scathing wit to the book, and the end result is a New York fashion bible no bathroom should be without.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.00