Love Kills

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Love Kills

Nan Viking is back on active duty after the Pasadena cop survived a near fatal encounter with a perp in her last outing. She no sooner walks in the door than Nan is assigned some very high profile murders. The first victims are a private investigator and his nude girlfriend who are discovered dead in an East L.A. motel room.

The second crime scene involves socialite Tink Engleford who is discovered floating in her backyard swimming pool. Tink left behind some rather cryptic notes that may point to the name of her killer.

Are the crimes related? Nan and her partner Jim Kissick seem to think so. At the center of their investigation is Georgia Berryhill, a self-help guru whose client list reads like a “Who’s Who” of Hollywood. Even more puzzling for Nan is the discovery that her mother has a connection to both victims.

As Nan and her partner focus their attention on the Berryhill estate and the secrets it might hold, they are about to meet an eclectic cast of A-listers, wannabes, lost souls and those harboring long hidden secrets. And, somewhere in this mix, is a deadly killer.

Riveting suspense, jarring surprises and a modicum of romance make this thriller a very satisfying read.

Book Blurb for Love Kills

Homicide police detective, single mother of a teenage daughter, and lover to her partner Jim Kissick, Nan Vining wishes that life was a little more serene, more like it is at Georgia Berryhill’s Malibu Canyon compound—or like it’s supposed to be there, anyway. But three bizarre deaths have brought Vining and Kissick through the exclusive gates of this healing ground for the well-heeled. First there’s the double homicide of a celebrity private eye and his nude, drugged-out lover. Then there’s the inexplicable drowning of a Pasadena socialite. Georgia Berryhill—charismatic self-help guru to the stars—is one link to both investigations. A second link is Vining’s own mother, who was a friend to one of the victims and was being wooed by another. Now A-listers, wannabes, lost souls, and keepers of long-hidden secrets all converge at the Berryhill compound. Some search for love and happiness, while others come for murder.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.25