Do They Know I'm Running?

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Do They Know I'm Running?

An 18 year old musician, Roque Montaivo’s life is already pretty complicated but it is about to get much worse. Living with his Salvadoran aunt and helping her take care of his older brother, a vet who suffers from physical and mental wounds acquired in Iraq, the youth also shares the bed of a woman twenty years his senior who is rejuvenated by his sexual ardor.

When immigration officials grab his undocumented uncle and deport him, Roque is called upon to bring the old man back to California. This begins an odyssey that involves dealing with the ruthless gangs that move illegals and drugs from Central America into the U.S.

As he discovers nothing comes without a price, especially with you are dealing with these criminals. The youth quickly finds out that he must also include an Arab who may well be a terrorist and a girl who has been promised to a Mexican drug lord, in his “party” heading northward.

It would be an understatement to call this a memorable journey. Not only will it be marked by an abundance of bloodshed and violence but the trip up through Mexico will also force Roque to make a number of hard decisions that involve his family, his feelings towards his country and some of the people he has come to love.

In this poignant novel about human trafficking, David Corbett has created a disturbing picture that illustrates the cost in human lives this illicit activity exacts. Although fascinating, there are scenes in this novel that will be all but impossible to erase from your mind.

Book Blurb for Do They Know I'm Running?

From acclaimed author David Corbett, a stunning and suspenseful novel of a life without loyalties and the borders inside ourselves.

Roque Montalvo is wise beyond his eighteen years. Orphaned at birth, a gifted musician, he’s stuck in a California backwater, helping his Salvadoran aunt care for his damaged brother, an ex-marine badly wounded in Iraq. When immigration agents arrest his uncle, the family has nowhere else to turn. Roque, badgered by his street-hardened cousin, agrees to bring the old man back, relying on the criminal gangs that control the dangerous smuggling routes from El Salvador, through Guatemala and Mexico, to the U.S. border.

But his cousin has told Roque only so much. In reality, he will have to transport not just his uncle but two others: an Arab whose intentions are disturbingly vague and a young beauty promised to a Mexican crime lord. Roque discovers that his journey involves crossing more than one kind of border, and he will be asked time and again to choose between survival and betrayal—of his country, his family, his heart.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.50