Daddy Loves His Little Girl

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Daddy Loves His Little Girl

Illustrated by: Marc Burckhardt / Ages: 4 - 8

Five-time Grammy Award music producer John Carter Cash celebrates the bond between a father and his daughter in this picture book. Drawing on his own childhood growing up in the Johnny Cash-June Carter household, the author begins his story by having the father declare his unqualified love for his little girl.

"Daddy loves his little girl, with arms spread open wide. He cherishes the love you give and holds it deep inside," says the narrator.

What follows next is a chronicling of the adventures father and daughter share together. They range from building sand castles to an imaginary journey on the back of an eagle where they visit Kathmandu. Here daddy's little princess is showered with golden gems and treasures. She feasts on "cakes stacked ten feet high", plays with a friendly tiger and rides on an elephant.

When their adventure is over, father and daughter return home and the child is tucked into bed with these parting words. "Remember this when bedtime nears and Daddy says good night: He loves you to the deepest depth and to the greatest height."

Aimed at children four years of age and up, this picture book may work better with slightly younger toddlers who will enjoy the illustrations without questioning the narrative content. Cash's story line may not be as entertaining to an older child!

Book Blurb for Daddy Loves His Little Girl

Daddy loves his little girl,

deep as the ocean blue.

Wide as the mighty river,

forever I love you.

John Carter Cash flies readers to magical castles by the sea as one little girl shares an adventure with her daddy by her side. The special bond between father and daughter protect them from pirates and alligators and guide them on the backs of eagles on which they return to their own home where Daddy tucks his little girl safely in her bed. Daddy reminds his little girl that however far they might roam and however high they fly, his love for his little girl will always keep them safe and strong.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 2.00