Cat of the Century

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Cat of the Century

Mrs. Murphy Series #18

In this caper the sleuthing combo of Mary Minor “Harry” Haristeen and her animal entourage, featuring the irrepressible Mrs. Murphy, a tiger cat detective, and two other household pets (Pewter and Tee Tucker), tackles a case that unfolds during a 100 year birthday celebration.

Accompanying Aunt Tally, the birthday girl, to a party held by the alumnae association of her alma mater, Harry and other Crozet residents are ready to party hearty at William Woods University even though the weather forecast calls for lots of snow.

The event turns into more than just a celebration of an illustrious graduate’s longevity when irregularities in the alumnae associations come to light and one of the board members is killed.

Aunt Tally and her college friend Inez Carpenter, augmented by Harry and her four footed companions, launch an informal investigation that turns up some startling results. Is this an example of some infighting on the board getting way out of hand, is it related to an unsolved death that dates back nearly fifty years, or is there something equally mysterious going on here?

Leave it to Harry and her menagerie to sniff out the truth and get to the bottom of the situation and see that justice is finally served in this puzzling case.

If you can abide clever, talking animals that serve as the “point” detectives in this investigative series, then you’ll enjoy “Cat of the Century”. With nearly 4 million copies of her bestselling novels in print, apparently Rita Mae Brown has found an appreciative audience!

Book Blurb for Cat of the Century

Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen is back with sleuthing cats Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, and corgi Tee Tucker. And this time they must catch a killer determined to turn a birthday party into a funeral.

Harry's beloved and tart-tongued Aunt Tally is about to turn the big 1-0-0. The alumnae association of her alma mater sees an opportunity to honor the event and make some loot off the centennial as well. The plan is to hold a big fund-raiser in Aunt Tally's honor to recoup some of the school revenue lost in the cratered economy. But soon there's more at risk than investments and endowments.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.50