The Very Best of OLIVIA

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The Very Best of OLIVIA

A Storybook Treasury

If anyone in your household loves Olivia, this collection of ten short picture books featuring the little, white piglet is sure to be a big hit. These are the first ten stories in what has become a very popular series of children’s books.

In case you wish to see if you have them already, the titles are: Dinner with Olivia, Olivia and the Babies, Olivia Opens a Lemonade Stand, Olivia and the Haunted Hotel, Olivia and the School Carnival, Olivia Cooks Up a Surprise, Olivia Leads a Parade, Olivia the Princess, Olivia Builds a Snowman and Olivia meets Olivia.

Adapted by different writers from the Nickelodeon Television series featuring Olivia, these ten early titles show a progression in Olivia’s personality and character. You’ll see the traits we now associate with the famous little pig emerge and there’s even a bit of growth and maturity in how she handles new experiences.

Having these stories together and protected in a sturdy, well designed, single hardback book means that your child can go back and reread and enjoy them over and over again. It would not surprise me if some of the paperback originals you may have are worn out and coming apart after

many readings; thus, they need replacement. This collection will not only last but can also be passed down to the next generation of Olivia fans!

Book Blurb for The Very Best of OLIVIA

Ten favorite Olivia tales in one beautiful book—a great value, and a great gift!

This storybook treasury includes ten bestselling adventures starring the ever-imaginative Olivia in a 9 x 9 paper-over-board treasury: Dinner with OLIVIA, OLIVIA and the Babies, OLIVIA Opens a Lemonade Stand, OLIVIA and the Haunted Hotel, OLIVIA and the School Carnival, OLIVIA Cooks Up a Surprise, OLIVIA Leads a Parade, OLIVIA the Princess, OLIVIA Builds a Snowlady, and OLIVIA Meets Olivia. Featuring eye-catching foil on the cover and charming antics throughout, this deluxe collection of Olivia stories is a must-have for any fan!

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Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00