The Big Rewind

When a mixed tape for a neighbor arrives accidentally in Jett Bennett’s mailbox, she does the right thing and delivers the parcel of music to her. Imagine how Jett feels when this good deed turns into a nightmare when Jett finds KitKat, the intended recipient of the tape, dead.

Deciding to play amateur sleuth, Jett, who is really up on her music, decides to use the tape of love songs to try to find some leads to determining who killed KitKat.

Featuring a witty and clever narrative and plenty of spot-on pop culture and music references, this hipster-suspense story marks Libby Cudmore’s stunning debut as a novelist. It’s an entertaining read from start to finish and one you’ll wish to share with friends.

Book Blurb for The Big Rewind

Raymond Chandler meets Nick Hornby in this clever noir romp through hipster Brooklyn as a mysterious mix tape puts a young amateur sleuth on the hunt for a killer—and for the truths hidden within her own heart.

To listen to someone else's mix tapes is a huge breach of trust.

But KitKat was dead…and curiosity got the better of me.

When a mix tape destined for her friend KitKat accidentally arrives in Jett Bennett’s mailbox, she doesn’t think twice about it—even in the age of iTunes and Spotify, the hipster residents of the Barter Street district of Brooklyn are in a constant competition to see who can be the most retro.

But when Jett finds KitKat dead on her kitchen floor, Jett suspects the tape might be more than just a quirky collection of lovelorn ballads. And when KitKat’s boyfriend Bronco is arrested for her murder, Jett and her best friend Sid set out to discover the real killer on an epic urban quest through strip joints and record stores, vegan bakeries and basement nightclubs. But the further into KitKat’s past she goes, the more she discovers about her own left-behind love life—and the mysterious man whose song she still clings to….

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 4.50