Shadow Pass

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Shadow Pass

A Novel of Suspense

Sam Eastland introduced his super Soviet sleuth in “Eye of the Red Tsar”. Now Inspector Pekkala returns to discover who has killed one of the country’s top military engineers and places at risk the secret weapon he was working on.

Found crushed by his own machine, Colonel Nagorsky was the designer of the new T-34 tank. The thirty-ton, awe inspiring weapon was hopefully going to keep Hitler’s forces at bay if Germany ever decided to invade the Soviet Union.

With Nagorsky dead, the fear is the program has been compromised and the plans for the tank have been slipped to the Germans who will obviously put them to good use.

At the command of his boss, Joseph Stalin, Pekkala must determine who was responsible for the colonel’s demise and whether or not the secret of the T-34 has been shared with the Germans.

A highly atmospheric, period thriller with plenty of Russian history and background, this riveting story uses a series of flashbacks to explain Pekkala’s past and the years he was the special investigator for the Tsar.

Curious about the title? It is a reference to the special document that Pekkala carries that allows him to navigate the treacherous waters of Stalin’s government without any questions being asked. As long as he holds the Shadow Pass, Pekkala is untouchable.

This engaging character makes this new series one that has already elicited a lot of positive attention. Once you’ve made Inspector Pekkala’s acquaintance, you’ll definitely want to follow his further adventures.

Book Blurb for Shadow Pass

Pekkala: He was the Romanovs' most trusted investigator. Now he's Stalin's greatest fear.
He operates in the shadows of one of history's most notorious regimes. He seeks the truth in a nation where finding it can mean death-or worse. His name his Inspector Pekkala, and this time he's taking on a case with implications far deadlier than anything he can imagine: a shattering revelation that was never meant to be unearthed.

Its official name is T-34, and this massive and mysterious new weapon is being developed in total secrecy in the Russian countryside, a thirty-ton killing machine. Its inventor, Colonel Rolan Nagorski, is a rogue genius whose macabre death is considered an accident only by the innocent.

And Josef Stalin is no innocent. Suspecting assassins everywhere, he brings in his best-if least obedient-detective to solve a murder that's tantamount to treason. Answerable to no one, Pekkala has the dictator's permission to go anywhere and interrogate anyone. But in Soviet Russia that's easily a death sentence. The closer Pekkala gets to the answers, the more questions he uncovers-first and foremost, why is the state's most dreaded female operative, Commissar Major Lysenkova, investigating the case when she's only assigned to internal affairs?

Pekkala is on a collision course not only with the Soviet secret police but the USSR's deepest military secrets. For what he is about to learn could put Stalin and his Communist state under for good-and bury Pekkala with them.

Brilliantly researched and rivetingly plotted, Shadow Pass is a superb story of suspense in a series growing only richer-and with a detective getting only better.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 5.00