Ready for School, Murphy?

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Ready for School, Murphy?

The little boy in this picture book works hard to convince his dad that he’s too ill to go to school. Of course, his dad sees through the silly ploy but the real “kicker” is that actually it is Saturday….THERE IS NO SCHOOL!

This is supposed to be funny but the whole thing…the storyline and the art…really isn’t that great. In fact, all in all, this was not a really fun read. My grandkids did not care for this book and I didn’t either. Sorry, but this one is a “PASS” as far as our family is concerned!

Book Blurb for Ready for School, Murphy?

Murphy doesn't want to go to school. He has butterflies in his tummy and ants in his pants! But no amount of made-up excuses convince his dad to let him stay home. Just when Murphy has all but given up, his father brings him up-to-date—it's Saturday!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 2.00