Once I Heard a Little Wombat

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Once I Heard a Little Wombat

Young children love board books with their thick, easy to flip pages. This little book introduces some of the baby animals you’ll find only in Australia. The sing-song narrative repeats key words and goes nicely with the cute illustrations of the animals.

Introduce your child to exotic creatures such as a puggle, wombat, sugar glider, bilby, and little devil as you page through this book. And when you are finished, your little one can join his or her new friends in taking a nap or bedding down for the night.

Although it is a good idea to introduce young readers to basic animals like those you’ll find as pets or on the farm, there’s no reason not to also include a few more unusual critters as part of the mix too.

Teachers may also want to include additional information on Australia to make this reading experience a more comprehensive geography lesson.

Book Blurb for Once I Heard a Little Wombat

Once I heard a little wombat stomp stomp stomp . . .

Read along and act out the movements as these baby Australian animals eat, play, and settle down for nap time, including a sugar glider, a bilby, a devil and a puggle.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.00