Losing Faith

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Losing Faith

If you enjoy legal thrillers with plenty of plot twists, you’ll find “Losing Faith” a riveting read. Aaron Littman wants nothing to do with defending Nicolai Garkov, a man who has been arrested for laundering money for the Russian Mafia and financing terrorist activities.

Garkov admits he’s guilty but has a plan for beating the rap. When the two men meet, Littman discovers he is part of the plan. The Russian has irrefutable proof that the lawyer and the Honorable Faith Nichols, the trial judge, have had an affair. If he blows the whistle both the lawyer’s and judge’s careers will be severely damaged.

How Aaron and Faith react to this blackmail situation and deal with an adversary who seems to be holding all the cards makes for fast-paced thriller that offers some startling surprises.

Already compared to John Grisham and Scott Turow, New York lawyer and author Adam Mitzner has created an authentic setting and brings an authoritative dialogue to his novels. His characters are credible and storylines are well thought out. The result is solid courtroom drama and a very entertaining read!

Book Blurb for Losing Faith

Adam Mitzner’s critically acclaimed legal thrillers have “more loops and flips than Coney Island’s Cyclone” (Kirkus Reviews) and “more twists than a California cloverleaf interchange” (Bookreporter). His latest, a captivating examination of justice and ethics, will leave you guessing until the last page.

Aaron Littman is the premier lawyer of his generation and the chairman of Cromwell Altman, the most powerful law firm in New York City, when a high-profile new client threatens all that he’s achieved—and more. Nicolai Garkov is currently the most reviled figure in America, accused of laundering funds for the Russian Mafia and financing a terrorist bombing in Red Square that killed twenty-six people, including three American students.

Garkov is completely unrepentant, admitting his guilt to Aaron, but with a plan for exoneration that includes blackmailing the presiding judge, the Honorable Faith Nichols. If the judge won’t do his bidding, Garkov promises to go public with irrefutable evidence of an affair between Aaron and Faith—the consequences of which would not only destroy their reputations but quite possibly end their careers.

Garkov has made his move. Now it’s Aaron and Faith’s turn. And in an ever-shocking psychological game of power, ethics, lies, and justice, they could never have predicted where those moves will take them—or what they are prepared to do to protect the truth.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.50