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A Home Repair Is Homicide Mystery

Jacobia "Jake" Tiptree's past catches up with her in this latest novel in the long running series as the formal financial manager's dealings with some very "marginal" characters comes back to haunt her.

As the Fourth of July nears, Jake is working on her latest home improvement project, painting her porch. Jake has noticed a stranger biking past her home a lot and that fact, coupled with some enigmatic emails, make her wonder if she is being stalked.

With so many people flocking to Eastport, Maine, for the holiday, the mysterious biker blends in with the crowds in the seaside community, yet there is something unsettlingly familiar about him.

Slowly the pieces begin to fall into place as Jake realizes that her refusal to lend a person some money decades ago to pay off some gambling debts is coming back to haunt her.

A photo of a murdered man clears away some of the cobwebs and suddenly makes it clear who Jake's adversary is. Unfortunately, it doesn't make the final confrontation with her adversary any easier. In fact, Jake finds herself in one of the most precarious situations she has ever encountered in her life. Perhaps only a miracle can save her as the entire life she has built for herself seems to be collapsing around her very ears!

If you have followed this popular series you know Jake is a pretty resourceful woman, but Sarah Graves pulls out all the stops here as she

takes her resourceful protagonist right to the brink of annihilation. You'll be surprised by some of the twists and turns of "Knockdown"!

Book Blurb for Knockdown

They say you can’t go home again—and when it comes to someone with an old score to settle, sometimes you’d better not. That’s what Jacobia “Jake” Tiptree discovers when the past she thought she’d laid to rest comes calling at her lovingly restored 1823 Federal-style house in Eastport, Maine. Unfortunately, her old life and her new one are about to collide with deadly consequences. . . .

Jake is deep in her latest home improvement project—repainting a porch—when she notices the man repeatedly biking past her house. His face is unsettlingly familiar, but his chilling message seems inexplicable: Blood shows up again. Murder will out.

If it’s a prank, it’s an ugly one, and so is the anonymous email warning her to beware the Fourth of July—just two days away. Back in her days as a hotshot financial manager she did business with plenty of shady characters, but she’s still baffled as to the identity of her nemesis—until she receives a photo of a murdered man.

Now Jake knows what—and whom—she’s up against. But knowing her enemy is no guarantee that she can escape the grim payoff he has in store for her. From home invasion to kidnapping, this twisted killer is slowly but surely plotting a knockdown with not just Jake but the entire town of Eastport at its explosive center. And no one can predict when or where the shockingly deadly finale will occur.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50