Jingle Bells - A Magical Cut-Paper Edition

You may wonder why you need another edition of this Christmas classic. Granted, there are so many versions of James Lord Pierpont’s available that buying another one may not make much sense.

What sets this cut-paper, pop-up edition apart is the beauty with which it is designed. Featuring black and white illustrations with just a touch of yellow, red and green to accent some parts, this will be the book you’ll want to save for years to come to share with friends and family. In a word, this attractive book lends the iconic song the “class” it deserves and makes it the kind of coffee table book you’ll want to make part of your holiday home decor.

Also, for those who collect pop-up books this is a must purchase. The two page, spectacular pop-up final is impressive. You just might wish to leave the book open to this pop-up beneath the Christmas tree to add to the festive decor!

Book Blurb for Jingle Bells - A Magical Cut-Paper Edition

An elegant cut-paper edition of the classic Christmas song transforms with each turn of the page and offers a spectacular pop-up finale.

Written by American songwriter James Lord Pierpont for Sunday-school children to perform at an 1857 Thanksgiving concert, "Jingle Bells" is now an irreplaceable part of Christmas traditions around the world. Niroot Puttapipat’s exquisite cut-paper edition, with his silhouetted illustrations at once bold and delicate, follows a sleigh ride across a snowy landscape. Featuring scenes that change on every spread and a stunning 3-D pop-up at the end, this holiday keepsake captures the thrill of a winter adventure and the magic of the season.

Age Range: 4 - 8 years / Grade Level: Preschool - 3

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.00