Their Submissive Switch

The Boss's Pet, #4

Sondra & Nick work together by day, but once they enter their house they live in a Master/slave relationship. In order to expand on Sondra's slave training, she and Nick attended a training retreat in Palm Springs, CA. Before they leave, Nick and Sondra discuss her feelings about receiving sexual stimulation from a female. During the sessions Sondra works with both male Doms and female Dommes; she discovers that she rather enjoys the way Dommes make her feel. Throughout the retreat Sondra and Nick learn how they feel during many intriguing situations, including a session where Sondra takes on the role of a Domme. The author was able to describe the BDSM sessions in a very sensual way, which left this reader wishing for more. This book could be a good stepping stone book for those readers who connected with the Fifty Shades Trilogy. This book takes the next step in explaining the nature of the Master/slave relationship, while providing realistic examples of BDSM.

Book Blurb for Their Submissive Switch

Nick continues to teach Sondra more about the lifestyle they share and the things a submissive needs to to follow rules being one of the most important. Sondra strives to make Nick proud of her as she learns all he shares with her he aware she's learning more than he ever imagined? How will he react if and when Sondra decides to take what SHE wants for a change?

Can Sondra deal with the sensual heat created by another woman's touch? Although she fights against her personal desires, she may be in for a surprise when her own body betrays her!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00