Stormy Knight

Prom Queen of the Undead

Stormy Knight is not your normal ordinary 16 year old, she just happens to be a half vampire queen. Stormy tries to live an ordinary life but it is really hard when everyday her powers get stronger. Stormy also finds herself with a crush on her best friend Corey, until by chance she receives a kiss from her other best friend Marco. To Stormy High School will never be easy with her mother showing up and turning her teachers into animals and ghosts showing up that only Marco and she can see. How is Stormy expected to have a normal life? Also Stormy is subject to abuse by the school bully who just happens to be jealous of her.

I really enjoyed this book. I was completely entranced with the great characters. I felt like I was seeing the story unfold through Stormy's eyes. I was very much surprised by all the language; it was very much YA level language. This is the type of novel that you can really sink your teeth into and completely absorb yourself into the story. This novel has a great plot and reaches outside of the box of ordinary. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of emotions shown by the characters and cannot wait to see what happens to these great characters in future books.

Book Blurb for Stormy Knight

High school is never easy—homework, peer pressure, dating—and that is no exception for the students at Littleton High; especially one student in particular named Stormy Knight who’s a half vampire queen and half mortal being struggling to find her place in the human world.

Overall, Stormy thinks she’s doing a pretty decent job of fitting in, at least until the undead begin popping up around her school and her mom, Candi the Vampire Queen (who enjoys eating ghosts way too much), suddenly decides to start dropping into her life too.

With all of the chaos that ensues, Stormy soon realizes that it’s up to her and her friends, Marco and Corey, to figure out who's bringing back the dead—but will Stormy, blessed with super-human powers, be able to decide between what's morally right and what she's willing to sacrifice soon enough to stop the ghosts before they take over the world?!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.75