Devil Night

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Devil Night

As Lacy gets ready for the best summer of her life her parents drop a bombshell on her that they are taking her back to Salem for two weeks. So Lacy, her mother, her father and her best friend Carol embark on the journey that will change their lives forever.

Lacy is miserable that she has to return to her grade school tormentors. She is just happy that she is able to take Carol with her. But when she sees her tormentors and they act as if things have changed, and they are not the same anymore, Lacy still feels as if something may happen and she feels strange about the whole thing.

When Lacy and Carol go to a party with the four tormentors everything changes in their lives forever. Her and Carol are offered as a sacrifice to the devil. Will Lacy be able to use her power to save herself and Carol?

I highly recommended this book as a short story. You really get to feel as if you're living the terror with Lacy and Carol.

Book Blurb for Devil Night


Satan made us do it!

As the pages of Lacy's life turn day by day, she winds up reliving her past history with her mom, dad and her friend, Carol. Salem is their destination, but unknown to them, a sinister darkness looms on the horizon. Arriving, Lacy discovers things haven't changed and finds her former four classmates ready to begin the torment they'd subjected her to before she moved away. Will Lacy's special powers help her and Carol when they're offered up by her old classmates as sacrifices to the devil, or will she be damned for the fate they have destined for her?  

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 3.75