Whiz Bang

A Toys-4-Us Title

For Hannah West, the idea of finally getting to have a whiz bang in the bedroom is an all-consuming thought. It would be even better if she could finally get that same feeling with her secret love, Sean O’Brien. But for Hannah, who is painfully shy and unsure of herself, the idea of taking the next step with someone like Sean is out of the question, so when the idea of getting that feeling from strangers at a singles resort she jumps at the chance. But will Hannah be able to handle not involving emotions with her whiz bang or will she finally get the darkest wish she has always been afraid to voice?

Sean O’Brien has been in love with Hannah West for as long as he can remember. Since the first day he saw her, she has owned his heart. When she tells him that she wants to get a good whiz bang with some faceless stranger at a singles resort, Sean knows that he has to act now or lose Hannah forever. How can he tell her that he has loved her forever without ruining their friendship though? Maybe with a little cunning and deceit he can finally get the girl of his dreams, with and without the whiz bang!

Having read Regina Carlysle in the past I had a good idea of the type of story I was getting into when I requested this book. Not only has she surpassed my expectations she made me love these characters without a lot of work. The only thing that I found hard to follow was the conversations between the characters since they weren’t defined away from the rest of the text so the reading of this story went a bit slow than I am used to. Other than that this was a great story about friends finding out that they can have it all if only they are willing to reach for it. I will definitely reach for more Regina Carlysle the next time!

Book Blurb for Whiz Bang

Hannah West needs some whiz bang, baby. And after attending a raucous sex-toys party with her best buds, the Sassy Seven, she aims to fulfill that urge. If it means hunting down a man or two to experiment with battery-operated pleasure, then so be it.

Tired of boring, ho-hum, and downright pitiful, she plans her escape to an exotic and highly erotic locale. But nothing eases her desire for the one man she can never have, her off-limits best friend.

Hannah wants a little whiz bang? With a complete stranger? Or strangers? The thought makes Sean want to cuss. Oh hell no! He's wanted sexy Hannah for years. No way is he letting some stranger put his hands on the lush brunette. If she wants excitement and plastic pleasure, he'll deliver the goods.and more. On the bed, against the wall, in the shower. Sean aims to show Hannah that best friends can make the very best lovers.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00