The Affair

Sisters of Scandal, #1

For Elizabeth, the best thing that happened to her was the death of Charles, Earl of Thornhill. Charles wasn't a bad husband, but he wasn't a very good one either. The longer they were married the more the isolation set in, so that when she found out of Charles' death all Elizabeth felt was elation. Then fate decided to twist for her and she meets Cal in the most scandalous way. Cal is everything she didn't know that she wanted and yet she has to resist him because he is such a rake. Will Elizabeth break down her walls and let Cal in? Will Cal bring poppy red to her life or leave her in nothing more the dreary blues?

Cal Cameron is a loner. His life works better that way, and it’s the way he intends on staying as long as there is still high fruit to pick from the tree and beautiful women to warm his bed. Owning a book lending library and publishing house has always been his dream and one that he has worked his entire life to achieve. The day that Elizabeth escaped the rain in his shop was one that he will never forget. Elizabeth presented a challenge to him that he just couldn't pass up, and yet that challenge would end up changing everything that Cal held important to him.

This book was okay. I don’t know that I would jump to read this one again, but for a novella it wasn't bad. I wish there was more to the story, since it seemed that things wrapped up almost too nice and neat too quickly.

Lily Maxton is a new to me author, and while this book didn't wow me, I don't think that will stop me from trying her other works. Her details and knowledge of the time period that she used as her backdrop was phenomenal and really let readers know that she did her research about the time period before she wrote about it. I definitely want to read the rest of the series that this book goes with, and maybe then this book will get a better star rating from me.

Book Blurb for The Affair

She was his for one week only...

When a beautiful stranger ducks into his bookshop during a rainstorm, Cale Cameron, well-known rake, is instantly attracted to her. Elizabeth, Lady Thornhill, is restless and hungers for something she cannot name. Society would never accept a countess and a mere bookseller, so they agree to a one week affair to indulge their desire.

As their passion ignites and their connection grows, Elizabeth threatens the one thing Cale has protected above all else - his heart. Letting her go is the only solution... and the one thing he is not prepared to do.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.00