Taming His Tutor

Running into Abigail Hayes after all these years was definitely a welcome surprise. For Joe Fuller, getting women had never been a heard ship and yet she is the one that got away. With her quiet eyes and quick smile she was the one who know more about him than even his foster parents and yet she made her to keep just enough distance between them during his tutoring lessons to make sure he remained unattainable. But a shock is coming Joe's way when it comes to Abbi. She is finally coming out of her shell, in a big way. And to say the least she is ready for all that Joe can throw her way. The only question is, is Joe ready for the newbie sex queen and all she has to offer for a forever kind of arrangement?

Abigail Hayes is regretting listening to her co-worker about the new clothes, even though she did feel so much sexier in them. They were just so far out of her comfort zone that she couldn't fathom ever being comfortable again. While working for Gloss Magazine, Abbi was given free rein on her projects, including creating an app to help women with any question from sex to health and beauty, and yet she is the most scared of the sex part of the app.

So just like any good geek Abbi decides to study everything she can about sex and that what will work better than trying to find a partner to practice with. Joe Fuller saves her on the sidewalk that morning. Making a quid pro quo of tutoring of sex for tutoring of math wasn’t something Abbi was really on board for, but anytime that she gets to be with Joe Fuller just might be worth the risk of her heart getting broken. Maybe with the right moves between the sheets she can get under his skin and into his heart.

This was a cute story about getting to fulfill fantasies from high school and getting with the one that got away. While I loved the characters of Joe and Abbi, more than once it felt like there was so much more background information that was either being left out or shoved in unnecessarily that some of the story got lost in the mix. There were several times that I looked to see if this story was part of a series, and I think it would have been better if it had been. Outside of that this was a good story. This is one definitely to be added to anyone's TBR pile.

Book Blurb for Taming His Tutor

Computer guru Abbi Hayes needs to kick her sex life into overdrive—and she’s designing the perfect App to make it happen. Thanks to all of the self-help bedroom tips she’s accumulating, she’ll be able to go from boring and passive to own-him-now vixen with a couple of swipes of a touch screen. And when former NBA basketball star Joe Fuller offers to help her test out her ‘product,’ how can she say no?

Joe can’t quite believe this temptress-in-training is his formerly shy, geeky ex-math tutor. If Abbi wants to discover her inner vamp, he’ll happily be her how-to guide. But it only takes few face-to-face lessons to realize that underneath the talk, there’s a truly passionate woman begging to be claimed by someone strong. Someone like him.

Maybe it’s time to teach his former teen fantasy a few tricks of his own…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 3.25