Taking Over Me

Geek Kink, #1

For Allison Stewart, getting coffee wasn't anything new, since it seemed to be the life blood for her and her IT coworkers. But walking into the new and improved Perfect Shot that day, was something that set her life on a whole new path. The hunk behind the counter serving drinks made Allison feel things that she hadn't thought important for years. Being an IT guru, Allison was just seen as one of the guys, and yet one look from this gorgeous man made her feel anything but. Would Allison take a walk on the wild side with this guy? Or would she just have to wonder how things could have been while she stays in the friend’s zone?

Patrick Conners would rather be doing anything than serving coffee that morning, or so he thought. Patrick has always been confident in who he is and how he likes to play, and yet in the face of someone so innocent as Allison, he finds himself lost and fumbling on how to get her not only into his life but into his bed. Patrick is willing to do just about anything to get Allison into his play room, but will showing her just how naughty he can be make her run the other direction or will he create a monster that even he isn't prepared for? With several bumbles along the way Allison and Patrick will have to find a way to either deal with the sexual tension between them or Allison will have to find a new place to get her special Doppio coffee drink.

What a great read! Not only did Brookes have a great handle on the heaver topics with BDSM but she managed to weave them so well into a good love story that this story would suit the first timer and the more sage reader as well. Brookes brought to this book everything from beginner's BDSM to the more extremes, and did it so well that it definitely left me wanting to see more. I can't wait to read more from this author and see what else she comes up with!!

Book Blurb for Taking Over Me

He’s everything she didn’t know she needed.

Allison would rather fix computers than worry about sex. That is, until the newest barista in town changes everything. All it takes is one hot stare into his sinful baby blues to remind her she’s not just one of the guys. She has lusty needs only he can fulfill.

Patrick’s coffee shop is on the verge of an epic failure, until Allison takes charge of his computer system. He may not know anything about motherboards, but he does know how to take control both in and out of bed. Now Patrick is determined to get what he wants—Allison in his cuffs. His sensual mastery awakens an intense passion and, under his command, he’ll unlock the geek girl’s darkest desires.

A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50