Louisiana Heat

Can meeting someone online, really give you any clue as to what you are getting yourself into when the time comes to meet? Especially when the person at the other end of your destination is just the way you imagined or more?

These questions have plagued Kay Glenn since she agreed to meet Remy DeLaughter in his home town in Louisiana. But the man she meets is better than even her wildest dreams. This has to be the best decision Kay has ever made because the man that says he is Remy is not only virile but he knows just what she wants and she doesn't even have to vocalize her wants. There is something about him that draws her to him and even though she is only here to sate her needs. Once that's completed she is going to walk away. But that is getting harder by the second.

David Hunter, world famous artist and locally known Dom has had the hots for Kay Glenn since running into her in Boston. He was setting up his latest art show in her studio. If time would have allowed then he would have courted her properly, but now that time has past and he needs her like an alcoholic needs another drink. So when the opportunity to have her falls in his lap, he takes the bait without even thinking of the deception. But now that he has had her, he can't let go, and forever is going to go a lot easier with her at his side.

When the deception is made known and distance is put between these two lovers can coming together again be just what they need or will the lies keep them apart?

This was a great book by a great author. I have read some of Dominique Adair's work before and when the opportunity arose to read this one I jumped at the chance since I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. David and Kay were great characters, that were both full bodied and didn't seem to force the story at all. The mix of creole French in this tale was a nice little twist and made me want to learn it! The pages seemed to fly by because the story was so easy to get into. This is another great work by a great author. Anyone who picks up this story will not be bored or disappointed!

Book Blurb for Louisiana Heat

Having met the man of her dreams online, Kay travels to Bayou Blue, Louisiana, to explore the possibility of furthering their relationship. The moment David sees her, he decides to impersonate his cousin Remy, the man Kay is searching for. Having been obsessed with her for the past six months, David seizes the opportunity to get to know her better and to explore their seemingly mutual desires.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00