In Love With Lucy

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In Love With Lucy

NSFW - Not Safe For Work series, #1

Working as an assistant for Barden's CEO, Chris, was not what Lucy Daniels wanted out of life. She always wanted to be a photographer, but she also wanted to eat so a girl has to make sacrifices to live. When signing on to work with Chris, she didn't realize just how hard he would be on her, or how fast the time would fly. Everything that he did made her life miserable and yet the money was so good that she just couldn't say no. There were days that fighting with Chris made everything intolerable cruelty of the other days’ worth it. The light at the end of her tunnel was a show of her photos at a local gallery. If Lucy could just get to that point than she could finally walk about from Barden and never look back. But one thing she didn't expect, was Chris being someone she had come to rely on, or someone's opinion that she would want of her work. After so long of fighting with him, Lucy has to step back and see if it was really fighting with him or against him.

Christopher "Chris" James Barden was a formidable man on his good days, and worse on his bad days. Making assistants cry and expecting everyone to live up to his exacting standards was just another day in the office for him.....until Lucy. Not only did she stand up to him and fight him tooth and nail, she made he want to come to work just to see her. There was something about her that drew Chris to her, and yet he seemed to be at his worse around her. When Lucy says that she is leaving, Chris is willing to do anything to stop her. He has come to rely on her, and just plain needs her in his life (both in and out of his bed). But how to make Lucy see him as anything more than her boss is going to be a trick that’s for sure. Just how hard Chris is willing to work for Lucy, only time will tell in the end.

I really wanted to like this story. More than once Chris and Lucy's story would start to get good and then something would happen to sour it all for me. Personally Lucy's character was pretty wishy washy on things and lived to make Chris's life as difficult as possible. More than once I wanted to shake Lucy and just tell her to man up! Then the same thing would happen with Chris and it would just get so frustrating. More than once, Wood made this seem like a book that was part of a series (and not the first book), which made it hard to get into. I am hoping that the rest of this series gets better, especially since C.C. Wood is a new to me author. I want to like her work, but I am left with a less than stellar taste in my bibliophile brain as of late.

Book Blurb for In Love With Lucy

Lucy Daniels’ dreams are finally coming true. After three years of working for one of the youngest, most ambitious CEO’s in Dallas, she has the opportunity to leave it all behind and begin her career as a photographer.

Lucy’s girlfriends think she’s nuts for leaving a job that pays well and includes a boss who doubles as eyecandy. What they don’t know is that Christopher James Barden the Third may be pretty to look at but he has a giant stick up his ass.

However, Lucy is about to discover that Chris Barden has been fighting his attraction for his gorgeous, extroverted assistant since she started working for him. Now that she intends to leave, she’s fair game. Because Chris has wanted Lucy for a long time and he always gets what he wants.

*This novella is the first in the Not Safe For Work series. Each book contains a HEA for the hero and heroine.*

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 2.50