First Love

Angelfire Trilogy, #2

Darlene Foxx is so lost right now, being pregnant and alone in New York City, that when a blast from the past comes through her front door she could weep with relief. But when Jason "Jace" Radcliffe comes back into her life her heartbreak is slowly trailing behind him. The scars from Darlene's past keep making it almost impossible to believe that Jace is here for positive reasons, or that he loves her the way she has loved him since the first time they laid eyes on each other. Jace says he has changed and Darlene so desperately wants to believe him, will he stay this time or will he just follow the wind again when the restlessness sets in? With the baby coming fast, Darlene needs assurances that either Jace is in for the long haul or heading for the door, permanently. Can she listen to her heart this time?

Jace was beyond shocked to find out Darlene was pregnant, but not for the best reasons. The fact that it is another man's baby never even entered his thoughts, just the idea that she can finally open up to him and to his love for her. Jace has been in love with Darlene since they first met at a tender age of eight years old. Restlessness has never been an issue for him, but he could only give so much to Darlene without getting anything back until he had to leave to keep his sanity. With her defenses weak, will Darlene finally let him in, because all he needs is one word from her and he would be there forever with her? But how long is a man supposed to wait to hear the one thing he needs from the woman he loves, or are these two too damaged to make a true go of it?

This is the second book in the Angelfire Trilogy Series, and after reading the first book this book was an amazing follow up to the first story. The first story was about Aurora Mason, Brett Foxx and Nathan Jovanovich. These characters are mentioned again in First Love, especially since Brett is Darlene's older brother and Jace is Nathan's brother in law. While both Darlene and Jace were mentioned in the first book this is the story that really lets them shine. Usually when it comes to trilogies the second book is just filler between the beginning and end stories, but that is definitely not the case here. This was a great story that was extremely enjoyable to read, the characters were very developed-almost seemed like people you would meet on the street-and the plot line was wonderful. This is a story that I will definitely read again and cannot wait to get to read the third and final book in this series. Anyone thinking of picking up this series should just not think about it and do it, you will not be disappointed!!

Book Blurb for First Love

She was expecting...anything but him!

During a traumatic childhood, Darlene Foxx had only one light--Jason Radcliffe, her best friend and eventually her lover. Until she found out that she wasn't his only lover, Darlene dreamed of the day they'd escape and be together forever. At seventeen, she left home alone and forced herself to overcompensate for her upbringing by never trusting anyone, especially Jace.

Years later, Darlene is in desperate need of a friend to share her joy, her fear and past secrets that have haunted her. Maybe she can even share her heart with her first love, forever.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50