Blushing Violet

Spending yet another holiday alone with Adam, her black lab, is not the life that Violet wants for herself. But the thought of her weight and overactive sexual nature has left her reserved and shy. Without much experience in dating and asking for what she wants in the bedroom, being open and willing to admit her wants is something of a struggle for Violet to come to terms with. Will a website guaranteed to bring her to the right men be just the push she needs to get everything that she wants in her life, or will this be just another disappointment in the end?

For Carlos and Morgan, BDSM is a way of life and yet finding willing women to be accepting about that and not just playing around to get at the money they have is not as easy as it sounds. Both men are not only Dominates in the bedroom, they are also models for BDSM art and also world famous for their skills with a camera and capturing just the right emotion on a submissive's face. Will a website be just the ticket these two need to finally find the right woman for each of them or will one woman be enough for them to share?

With insecurities and self-confidence issues, Violet is a tough nut to crack. But both Morgan and Carlos are up to the job. And will a game in the beginning to win her affections turn out to ruin the best thing to ever happen to this trio or will it make them appreciate each other more in the end?

This was an excellent book, not only was the plot well thought out and realistic but the characters were very real and made the book hard to put down in the end. I would have liked it to be longer with more interaction between Morgan, Carlos and Violet. Also I would like to see this book as part of a series, because the other characters introduced in this book would be great to get to know them better. Ann Mayburn is a new to me erotica author, but she has made me a fan. I will be on the lookout for more books by her. She would make a great addition to anyone's collection.

Book Blurb for Blushing Violet

Shy and quirky Violet Bishop has finally found the perfect way to meet a man who can fulfill her hidden submissive desires-an online dating site that matches couples based on books they love. In this case, the BDSM erotica that fuels her fire.

Two Dom best friends and business partners, Carlos Romano and Morgan Kane, are matched with Violet. They both want to date her and, rather than fight, decide to keep the fact they know each other a secret and let her choose. A good idea in theory, but impossible when they both fall in love and wish to make Violet their own.

The men build up Violet's almost nonexistent self-esteem and help her find strength she never knew she had, along with an almost bottomless craving for their dominant touch. When Violet discovers they've been less than truthful, the men realize they've helped her become stronger than even they knew-strong enough to leave them. Now Morgan and Carlos must find a way to win their perfect woman back, no matter what.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00