Skin Deep, Book Three

To be without your hair is something that most women wouldn't ever want to even think about. It should be a choice to lose something that is such a part of woman's daily routine. When it is taken from you because of a medical condition it makes that realization hurt even more. For Michele Peterson this has been her life since she was seven years old. That's when she was diagnosed with alopecia areata. Can a chance meeting with a great man really make her see that she is beautiful without the hair she so desperately wants?

Meeting Michele was just a chance meeting for Andrew. Being new to the city and not knowing anyone makes things even more amazing that he got a date with this gorgeous woman. If only she wouldn't run away from him anytime he tries to get close. When her secret is out, will it make Andrew run or will he blow her out of the water by loving her without the wig?

This book had a good idea behind it, but I think it just needed to be a bit more realistic. I felt like the story seemed a bit rushed to the sexual side and didn't have much work up outside of the bedroom. Granted Michele's ultimate wish was to be comfortable enough in her own skin to have sex. I just felt that Shoshanna Evers really fell into the sex too easily in this tale. The characters were both great and the plot itself was good, just the story itself felt almost too rushed. This won't deter me from trying her other works in the future, but I am hesitant to make this one a reread book.

Book Blurb for Bedhead

Michele Peterson is young, pretty, healthy.and bald. Being a woman with alopecia isn't easy-not only do strangers treat her as if she's a cancer patient, but hiding her bald head under a wig is hard on her sex life. Michele can't shower with a lover or feel his hands tangled in her hair in the throes of passion. So at the age of twenty-six, she remains a virgin. Then a generous benefactor agrees to finance hair transplant surgery. Just in time too, because Michele thinks she's met The One.

Andrew Calhoun doesn't understand why the incredible woman he's falling for is so distant-pulling away just as he thinks they're making a connection. When he discovers her secret, he'll have to make her realize that bald really is beautiful-before she goes through a potentially dangerous cosmetic surgery just for his sake. And the best way to make her feel in bed.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.00