White Deception

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White Deception

Book Ten of Susan Edwards' White Series

Mattie has suffered a lot of heartbreak during her life. Not only did she lose her husband in a fire but she lost her sight in the very same fire. Close to marrying again…not for love but for other convenient reasons, Reed rides into town. Reed is a man who has also suffered his own share of sorrow. When he sees Mattie for the first time since his wife was killed he is attracted to a woman and wants to get closer to her. Although Mattie cannot see Reed she knows all about him and is deeply comforted by his presence.

Reed does not want to fall in love again but can it really be helped? This was a sweet love story. I loved that Mattie still believed in love although it didn’t work out for her the first time. I also enjoyed the strength in Reed’s character and his want to protect Mattie before he even knew her. This is a good historical romance read.

Book Blurb for White Deception

Pheasant Gully, Dakota Territory, 1867

A fire made Matilda O'Brien a widow on her wedding day, and left her blind. It also took the Sight, a gift from her mother's people. Yet nothing will stop her from keeping her family together, not even the frightening incidents that suggest someone is trying to drive her and her siblings off their land. When her visions suddenly return, she knows the stranger with blue eyes is the one man who can help her...

Bounty hunter Reed Robertson is in town for one reason only: revenge against the men who killed his wife. He has no intention of getting tangled up in the threats against Mattie's family. But something about her draws him, fills him with hope, and calls to a part of himself he's tried to bury... Can he allow himself to accept the love of a woman he doesn't believe he deserves?

Book 10 of 12.

Previously published.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00