This book was about a woman who was stolen from her planet with many others and sold off to be a pleasure slave for one night. Whimsy does not want to be a part of the sordid happenings on C21. And when primped for her duties she begs to be left alone…and strangely enough she is. Who she thinks is her captor is not her captor at all. He thinks that the women who have been sent to him have been volunteers. He is disgusted to know that his mother and a close friend have been forcing women to come to him. However, tradition stands and only hours after he lets Whimsy go, she is dragged back by a guard to fulfill her duties. Many days pass before Whimsy and Gaedrian fall in love. But when they realize their feelings there is no separating them.

I would not call this book a romance; there was no relationship development or character building. They were overcome with ‘fate’ and the whole thing seemed built on a sexual bonding. I did not find this book very interesting; I wished for a deeper plot. Grammar and writing style was well done.

Book Blurb for Whimsy

Princess Whimsy Featherstone is shopping for her trousseau when she is kidnapped and sold as a pleasure slave. When she’s given to a stranger as a gift, she has every intention of denying him. However, resisting the sexy stranger is easier said than done.

King Gaedrian has been injected with fate, a drug that induces a pheromone enhancing mating heat. Every woman wants him but only one woman can free him. Whimsy may be that woman, but she comes from a world where giving into their desire will cause her to be an outcast. Can fate bring these two together?

Be Warned: forced seduction

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.00