I really wanted to like this book, but there were too many negative aspects for my personal taste. Tam Wilde is a working woman with a level head or so it seems. She takes up with Michael, who is a club owning, drug addict. After dating so long, Michael changes for the better. He goes clean because he is deeply in love with Tam. But Tam lets childhood friend, Xavier charm her into bed several times. When she finally decides to be with Michael, is it because she loves him or because Xavier is going out of town? Soon she finds out she is pregnant. She is none too happy. Michael is ecstatic about it. But Xavier is coming back and whose baby is it anyway?

First off, this is a well written work; good grammar and structure. Throughout the book Tam has unprotected sex with two different partners. She also doesn't seem to have feelings at all. I never felt she really liked either Xavier or Michael but allowed them to kiss and love her just because they wanted to with no real mutual regard on her behalf. When the book started out Xavier seemed like he was going to be the good guy and Michael the bad boy you would dislike. As the story unfolds, although Michael had a past of crime, he is great to Tam. He is upstanding and wants to be a better person for her.

Xavier traps Michael in a moment of weakness of using drugs once again. Though Michael realizes it was wrong and he wants to go back home to the baby and Tam, Xavier has photos of him using. He manipulates people for his benefit (to get Tam). All this being said I was kind of turned off by the book. I didn't know if Tam actually liked either of the guys and was confused even more with who she ends up with. All I can say is I am still confused.

Book Blurb for Wanderland

With a new job in a new city and two love interests vying for her attention, what's a girl to do? Art Gallery Assistant Tam Wilde experiences the highs and lows of new love with nightclub owner Michael Dawson. But when she takes on a job working for industrialist Xavier Clark, her relationship with Michael suffers a serious blow once Xavier reveals an unlikely, but true past he shared with Tam. He wants her again and is determined to have her, no matter the cost. Tripping through a Wanderland of twists and turns, in the end, Tam makes a decision for the betterment of her family, ultimately leaving one man broken and the other complete.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 2.75