The Perfect Storm

The Blake Boys, #6

J.J. Blake has just gone through a divorce and is sure he will not find love again. In fact, he doesn’t even want to date. Samantha Jane Carson is the private security specialist that works to keep the Blake family and many others safe. When J.J. takes over for his buddy Bo while he’s on vacation, he partners with Samantha for the company audit. He is surprised to find that Samantha is the head of security and that she has been there for years unbeknown to him. Sparks simmer just beneath the surface from the moment they meet.

I enjoyed that J.J. found out his feelings for Samantha and stayed true to them. He didn’t waver and although the ex-wife did several small things to win his attention he stayed away from her. Samantha’s character was so strong as well. She never gave into any type of insecurities or let doubts cloud her ability to do her job.

The beginning of the story was a little slow, spending much of the time focusing on the divorce and taking a while for Samantha and J.J. to meet. Also, the ending was so speedy. After an argument that blows up the relationship …the couple separates for a long period of time. The mending happened so quickly that it felt a little unnatural. Nonetheless, the romance was sweet and had its comedic moments. I liked reading it.

Book Blurb for The Perfect Storm

Sometimes you have to tear everything down and start over…

Private security specialist Samantha Jane Carson gets the surprise of her life when she arrives at Blake Enterprises for the annual security audit. Instead of her usual contact, she’s greeted by the company president himself, the sexy and elusive J.J. Blake. It’s her job to know everything about the Blake family, and J.J.’s recent divorce is the talk of the town. Women are lined up to become the next Mrs. Blake, and who wouldn’t want to be? J.J.’s gorgeous, rich, and has stormy green eyes that hold women captive.

J.J. Blake is making some major changes in his life. Freshly divorced from ex-wife Eden, he’s building a new house, coming to terms with the injury that ended his NFL career, and is ready to start fresh—without romance complicating things. His friends and family encourage him to get back into the dating pool, but he’d rather not be sucked into those rough waters again. Work is the obvious diversion, and he opts to handle the security audit himself for some good old-fashioned guy/tech work. But when Sam Carson walks into his office, J.J.’s brought up short. The “Sam” he was expecting turns out to be Samantha—beautiful, smart, and a tough-as-nails ex-cop in a polished, professional package. And she’s just the kind of woman who could drag him under…

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00