Teaching the Cowboy

Veronica (Ronnie) is a beauty queen turned tutor. Now she is off to complete a year of tutoring on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. John Lundstrom is positive a private tutor is exactly what his children need to strive. The only problem is that Veronica makes it crystal clear that she intends to only be there temporarily. He’s worried not only for himself but also for his children who he knows won’t do well adjusting to change.

I liked the concept of the book, but felt the delivery could have been a little different. When the story began I was intrigued with the plot and the two main characters - Ronnie and John. Yet, by the midpoint I felt the spark that had initially caught my interest had disappeared. There was simply too much going on. There were too many characters and when the focus started to shift between the main characters to the others, I did not find their plots nearly as interesting.

I must admit as well that I am a bit selfish. I like to read about one couple at a time, pages of separation not pertaining to the main characters development usually does not interest me that much. While I say this, I am not taking away from the great writing technique of the author. Holly Trent did a wonderful job in creating the characters and building the connection between Ronnie & John. I’m only bothered by the plot in the second half of the book. Nevertheless, it is still a good read.

Book Blurb for Teaching the Cowboy

She's a Carolina beauty queen, not a cowgirl, but one Wyoming rancher thinks she's perfectly qualified for the job that matters most.

A year in godforsaken Storafalt, Wyoming? No big deal…or so traveling tutor Veronica Silver tells herself. She needs hands-on experience with a special group of students to qualify for a grant, and her assigned passel of ranch kids are special cases, all right. Ronnie loves a challenge, but pitted against a small town’s far-too-active grapevine and a woeful lack of amenities, she worries she won’t be able to hack it.

With the education system in Storafalt sorely lacking, rancher John Lundstrom thought hiring a private tutor would ease some of his considerable stress. What he didn’t expect was a powerful mutual attraction with Ronnie or her steadfast refusal to let him properly court her. She’s on a one-year assignment and wants no entanglements when it’s time to go home to North Carolina.

An unplanned pregnancy and Ronnie’s ensuing deception spins the Lundstrom ranch into a major upheaval. John refuses to let Ronnie run away with his daughter, but he may be forced to compromise when her homesickness threatens to drive a wedge between the two lonely hearts once and for all.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.50