Shifter Magnetism

This book started with an interesting premise. Leila Barclay is a witch and Nic Lobo is a wolf shifter who is a detective, but when they meet they quickly fall for one another. They are not supposed to be together though; humans should be with humans, witches with witches and shifters with shifters. The only problem is that when shifters mate…they mate for life and Leila and Nic have no intention of trying to break their bond.

I would have preferred more action/paranormal events in this book to sexual encounters. Every time some type of action would occur that seemed promising the character would be back to their erotic moments. It really took away from the plot. There were many places where I felt the story just suddenly veered off to make space for this. It would have been more enjoyable if the plan had finished out what happened in certain scenes because it became a little unrealistic.

Book Blurb for Shifter Magnetism

Someone is killing witches in Coldwell.

Voluptuous witch, Leila Barclay, isn’t expecting to be drawn to a sexy enemy wolf shifter, Nic Lobo, and be targeted by a murderous sorcerer in the same night. Her savior is the very same wolf shifter who turns out to be a detective. To save her life, they exchange pieces of soul magic. Leila knows it’s forbidden, but she really wants to survive. Now she's irrevocably tied to the shifter and changing in ways she has never expected. Plus, she and her savior must catch the murderer, before he catches her.

Detective Nic Lobo is on the trail of the supernatural serial killer when he meets his mate. His taboo witch mate. He stops the killer from taking Leila's life, but now he has to keep her alive, stay away from his Pack and her Council, convince her they belong together, and catch her magical stalker. Failure isn’t an option because Nic has already lost himself in Leila.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 3.00