Seduction In Silk

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Seduction In Silk

A Novel of the Malloren World

Jo Beverly always creates a magical historical romance. Her writing style draws the reader in and keeps their attention all the way to the very last page. If you like romance that is deep and contemplative, this author delivers. This is a good read and recommended to any reader who enjoys romance. The characters and the action in Seduction in Silk will keep readers captivated.

Peregrine Perriam is the son of an Earl. Yet when he is named heir of Perriam Manor, that title comes with much responsibility. One of the main factors being that he must get married to save the manor and marriage has never been on his list of things to do. And to make matters worse he needs to marry within a month to Claris Marrow. Yet Claris is much of the same mind as Peregrine is about marriage…she doesn't want any part in it. Can a marriage of convenience among two unsuspecting people turn into love? Perhaps with a little compromise and patience Claris and Perry can have a happy ever after.

Book Blurb for Seduction In Silk

From five-time RITA Award winner Jo Beverley comes an exciting new novel set in the scintillatingly wicked Georgian age. Two lives are thrown into chaos by a centuries old feud and a wicked curse.


Peregrine Perriam, son of an earl, has no desire to marry, but when he’s named heir to Perriam Manor, he finds he has only a month to persuade a stranger, Claris Mallow, to the altar or the property will be lost to his family forever, and his line will be cursed.

Having survived her parents’ tormented marriage, Claris prefers poverty to any husband. When a high-born stranger demands her hand, she drives him off at pistol point.

Perry finds weapons of his own, however, and soon Claris is compelled to accept his proposal. But she does so on her own terms?especially that the marriage be in name only. Once mistress of Perriam Manor, however, she discovers she isn’t immune to Perry’s charms. Perhaps a real marriage might be worth the risk?including a real marriage bed

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00