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Pretty Packages

Pretty Packages is about a woman named Giada who is a gold digger. For her it’s all about the money. She is too pretty to be with someone who isn’t wealthy enough to take care of her material wants. She’s also too pretty to date any one not handsome, unless of course…his wealth is going to overpower his looks. But her neighbor’s son somehow is always on her mind. It’s the body. It has to be the body. His face is ordinary, but the body…is one of for her fantasies. Soon they find themselves entangled. Kentucky is well aware of Giada’s gold digging ways and wants her to prove that she isn’t so materialist.

I wish there was more to these characters. Kentucky to me didn’t seem to have one flaw at all…which is unusual. Giada is always trying to redeem herself and when Kentucky seemingly does something wrong Giada always lets it go. I felt like she had no real back bone. I also think some of the language didn’t flow. There were so many “baby’s” added into their conversation…at time it seemed unrealistic. Despite these two things, the book was still a good read. I enjoyed the stepmother Hannah and Malik.

Book Blurb for Pretty Packages

Giada thinks that she is the beauty with Kentucky as the beast. Wrong. Kentucky is the one with the beautiful soul. Giada only has outer beauty going for her. The fact that she is a gold-digger of the worst kind makes her soul even uglier.

And yet somehow, some way, Kentucky and Giada find beauty in one another over time. The two days of unbridled passion they share gives them a glimpse into what the future could hold for them…if only Giada is willing to give up her gold-digging ways.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.50