Player's Ultimatum

Yvonne and Robbie have been best friends since childhood. So, it would be understandable that she would help him save his soccer career; even if that means postponing graduate school and posing as his fianc‚. Robbie is homosexual and it is costing him big time in the public eye. Yvonne is only too happy to help him out.not to mention he's paying her big bucks to do the job. The only problem is that the dangerously handsome and important soccer player Paulo dislikes Robbie and is trying to ruin him. When Paulo spots Yvonne, he is instantly doesn't matter that she is `engaged'. Wanting to hurt Robbie and wanting Yvonne for himself, he goes after her.

He had no idea that instead of getting her out of his system he would be forever letting her in. His entire plan backfires. He is instead jealous of Robbie and it doesn't appear Yvonne is going to leave him to be with Paulo. When she turns up pregnant and it appears to Robbie's baby he is crazy with grief. Why didn't Yvonne love him and why would she do this to him?

The author did a good job of incorporating soccer, lust, love, and friendship in this book. I would have loved to see Robbie more concerned for Yvonne's welfare. Though they are best friends.he never seems to be in the loop.because he never seems to be around and when Yvonne doesn't show up, Robbie never really worries about it. Overall, this is a short read with much personality.

Book Blurb for Player's Ultimatum

Yvonne Floyd's best friend and gay soccer player Robbie Gutierrez proposes the impossible, pose as his fianc‚e until he can ink a lucrative contract with one of Italy's premiere football clubs. Hounded day and night by the media's constant speculation over his sexual orientation, Robbie doesn't want to run the risk of losing his career over who he sleeps with. Although Yvonne feels Robbie has lost his marbles, she takes one for the team.

As Yvonne is initiated into the fast-paced world of international soccer, she's ill-prepared for a mutual attraction to Robbie's teammate, Paolo Saito. And when the Japanese-Brazilian footballer discovers her secret and turns the tables on her, Yvonne loses sight of her goal, and risks sacrificing more than just her heart.

Publisher Warning: Explicit Sex, Strong Language. For more information on Koko Brown and her books please visit:

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.75