My Spartan Hellion

Book one in The Spartan Chronicles Series

My Spartan Hellion is a tale of a two strong warriors who end up on a journey where they can discover love. I thoroughly enjoyed the historical elements. There was great potential here. The first several chapters of the book were captivating. The characters were engaging and the tensions between Lamia and General Thanos felt very real. Thanos buys Lamia with plans to set her free. But when he discovers that things are not quite what they seem, there is no way he can give Lamia the freedom she craves. In fact, these circumstances may very well push them closer than either thought possible.

The middle of the book lost me a bit, because what I liked so much…the push and pull, was not as evident here. There was also more focus on the supporting characters during this time, and I did not find them too favorable. The hero and heroine characters dulled during this time and I found myself skipping parts. While well written, the story slowed and didn’t hold up to the craziness I felt was building. The end of the book picked up the pace and the action; redeeming those slow moments. I recommend this to anyone who likes to read about warriors, Sparta, historical romance or interracial romance.

Book Blurb for My Spartan Hellion

When a spirited, Carthaginian slave and a noble Spartan general are thrust together, passion flourishes between the unlikely pair. But is passion enough to weather the turmoil of treachery, war and murder brewing in Ancient Sparta?

Ripped from her home and forced into slavery, Lamia escapes from one master only to find herself the prisoner of another—handsome Spartan general, Thanos Aristaeus. Lamia vows never to surrender to Thanos, who openly desires her body. Yet, she never imagines he will also threaten to steal her heart.

General Thanos Aristaeus couldn’t have anticipated that his brief trip to Athens would yield him a spirited Carthaginian beauty...who despises his very existence. Lamia defies him at every turn, but Thanos soon learns that lurking beneath the surface of her vehement denials of him is desire—a desire which she fails to disguise and is equally matched by his own passion for her.

Unable to deny the scorching attraction between them, the pair find themselves embroiled in a heated affair, one that is doomed to meet a bitter end when faced with the political turmoil brewing in Ancient Greece.

Torn between their two worlds, Thanos and Lamia must ultimately decide if they are willing to sacrifice everything for a love they never imagined they would find.

Treachery, war and murder—can an unexpected and unlikely love flourish when faced with such obstacles? Lamia and Thanos are about to find out.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 3.50