Murder and Mayhem

M.U.C.I. Files Book 2

May is an infamous vampire killer…but that is not the only supernatural thing about her. She’s a zombie with a weak ankle. When abominations start showing up around town, all leads point to Bartholomew Aelfrith, a hunky vampire who is centuries old. The only problem is that Bartholomew is set on proving his innocence and there is a growing attraction between the two.

I think the cover is a little misleading. I felt that the character was going to be African American or a mix of cultures, however, she was Asian. That threw me from the cover. Yet, once I got past that, the writing was great. There was a sense of suspense and great imagery. I could clearly see what was going on as I read the book.

I wished that Bartholomew and May had met earlier. I liked each of their characters, but the book continued to progress without them seriously getting together for any scenes. Nonetheless, I cannot overlook all the great elements to the story. This is a great paranormal read that takes a fresh look at vampires and zombies.

Book Blurb for Murder and Mayhem

Meet May, the vampire killer. She takes life seriously having been killed by a mob of rogue vamps. Her father, a powerful necromancer, brought her back to life. She's MUCI's best man, er, woman, well, zombie actually, for catching rogues, so when corpses show up with signs of having been killed by a rogue, May gets the case.

Clues lead straight to Bartholomew Aelfrith, a vampire, whose sense of humor and blond good looks are enough to convince May he needs killing...even if he's not the killer. If he makes one more joke about her chop-sticks, she's going to stab him in the heart with one. The problem is, Bartholomew is the only person who can catch the killer, so May has to put up with his wise-cracks and his penchant for picking up strays.

But if he says, "I've got a plan" one more time, she's going to scream.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.00