Montana Bride

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Montana Bride

A Bitter Creek Novel / Mail-Order Brides #3

Hetty Wentworth has lost who she believes was her one true love. Nonetheless, when she sees two children in an abusive situation she feels the need to intervene. But what happens after, she could never have foreseen. With a turn of circumstances, Hetty ends up being the mother of these two children and is now in the role of mail order bride. She had no idea how she will go through with it, but she must secure a safe haven for the children.

When they arrive Karl is wondering if he is doing the right thing. Yes, he needs a wife…but he can tell something is peculiar. The woman is extremely beautiful and doesn’t seem to be old enough to have mothered the two children she has brought along with her. Sure he has been duped, he still feels compelled to marry the beauty. He must wonder will their marriage work when it is clearly built on deceit.

I liked this book. I enjoyed Karl. I think Hetty was silly at times but I still liked her. I just wish at times she was a little stronger. Dennis for example was annoying and insulting at many times and she let his good looks speak for his personality when he was clearly a bad guy. I would recommend this historical romance to anyone who likes a sweet love story. And the kids are a riot!

Book Blurb for Montana Bride



When Karl Norwood’s mail-order bride meets an untimely demise on the way to the Montana Territory, Hetty Wentworth steps in to take her place. Hetty has no idea how she’s going to pretend to be all the things she isn’t—including the mother of two kids. She only knows her deception is necessary if she’s going to save two orphans from the awful fate she suffered as a child.

Karl smells a rat when a much younger woman than he was expecting arrives with two children who look nothing like her. But his mail-order bride is so beautiful, he doesn’t object—until he realizes that his charming new wife has been lying . . . about everything. Can a woman forced to keep secrets and a man hindered by distrust ever hope to find happily ever after in each other’s arms?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.00