Marry Me

This is a very cute short story. Cass has always sort of liked her brother’s best friend and Korbin has always loved her. However, they just can’t seem to get together. When Korbin feels like time is running out he comes up with a faultless plan…or so he thinks. Cass is irritated by her good friend and boss Korbin. Every day it seems he stops her in the middle of work to ask “marry me”? Knowing it’s a joke Cass always says “no”. Korbin doesn’t understand why his proposals aren’t working the way he planned. Cass brother steps in hoping to shed some light to the clueless love birds. But can he do it before anyone’s feelings get hurt?

This book is recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy a lighthearted romance, short story.

Book Blurb for Marry Me

Cassandra Jones has been in love her boss, Korbin Brandtly, for years. Korb, best friends with her geeky older brother since their elementary school days, sees her as a pesky little sister.

So why has he suddenly begun demanding that she marry him? It must be some type of joke, but what if it's not?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.50